This is quite an old film now but, unfortunately, the same thing gets trotted out about this film about a “ghostly” image of a boy who supposedly died in the home where the movie was filmed.  Posts about this will show you stills of the film purporting to show the ghost in the background.

However, I remember reading about this in a daily newspaper shortly after the film’s release on video, and how people were mistakenly saying they’d seen “the ghost.

What people are actually seeing, even though it’s only visible for a matter of seconds, appears in a window when two of the characters – Jack Holden (played by Ted Danson) and his mother – are walking through the house. The mother is holding the baby who has been left in the care of the “three men” (hence the title of the film).  In this shot a human figure can be seen standing behind the curtains of a background window at the left-hand side of the screen. A rumor has persisted for several years that this figure is the eerie image of a boy who was killed in the house where this scene was filmed.

Sorry, but no. The truth of it is that what people actually saw was a “standee” (a stand-up cardboard cutout used for advertising displays) of Ted Danson, dressed in a top hat, white shirt, and tails, that was left in front of a window on the set and thereby “sneaked” into the background of one scene. The standee prop was created as part of a story line involving a dog food commercial in which Danson’s character (an actor) appears, but references to the figure were cut from the finished version of the film. (The standee shows up once more in the film, as Ted Danson can be seen standing next to it when the baby’s mother comes to reclaim her child.).

It’s unfortunate that this is yet another instance where hoaxes just get perpetuated by people who blindly believe what they read on the internet, without caring to do a simple internet search which would explain the truth of it.

As ever, Snopes (a wonderful resource for researching and debunking!) has the full information http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/3menbaby.asp