I saw a programme on TV about the Dybbuk Box many years ago and I followed it up by searching what was on the internet and found the archived Ebay sale page for the box.

I’m Jewish, I’ve read a few articles pertaining to the Dybbuk and also the Golem (fictitious but a great idea that even the X-Files writers used to great effect!). So I have a healthy scepticism regarding artifacts of a religious nature like this. Still, I didn’t find anything that either validated or debunked the box and I just thought it would be another story consigned to paranormal post boxhistory.

Therefore, I was highly amused when this photo appeared in a paranormal Facebook group purporting to be a (sic)
Dibbuk Box:

By carrying out some Google pictures research, I discovered that this was an old American post box (but I was beaten to the post by another member of the group who’d recognised it for what it was).

Shortly after, another member of the group posted this picture as evidence of the Dybbuk Box.

However, IBox used in The Possession recognised this because of the Hebrew along the side. This is an artefact (prop!) used in the film The Possession:


which actually told a story about the Dybbuk Box quite differently from how it was originally posted on the internet.

Now the picture above is one that was made specially for that film. It bears a passing resemblance to the one mentioned in the website http://www.dibbukbox.com/story.htm.

There’s a website about the making of the film which indicates that the cast and crew of the film were terrified of the “real” Dybbuk box and one cast member who was interviewed said

“There was some weird goings on, on set. Lots of light bulbs exploding. Just overall kind of creepiness… “Don’t mock the box,” was sort of the mantra that we lived by while we were filming this.” Now if you’re easily spooked and, let’s face it, most people who act tend to be quite superstitious, it’s easy for fertile imaginations to run amok. You can read the whole thing pertaining to the film at http://io9.com/5939420/why-the-possession-cast-was-terrified-of-the-real-dybbuk-box-behind-the-film

The dybbuk boxThere’s an awful lot of belief in the validity of the box and, honestly, it looks genuine (genuine in what way I can’t actually say but for what is, as far as I’m concerned is a load of crap, someone took an awful lot of time to make it, carve an inscription into it and find suitable items to put inside!).

Back of the Dybbuk BoxThe word carving that you can see is actually a prayer known as The Shema. It’s as important in Judaism as The Lord’s Prayer is in the Christian religion and translates as:-

Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever.

“Based on a true story….”

According to the link below the whole thing is “a bogus marketing gimmick”


Frankly, if it is a bogus marketing gimmick, it’s a heck of a good one!

Narnia, anyone?

A HAUNTED wardrobe with a Satanic head carving has been blamed for strange occurrences at two antique shops in Paignton’s Winner Street.

Ever since the Olden Ewe antique shop bought the haunted piece of furniture earlier this year a string of strange things have been reported in the old town centre.

Customers who view it report that they cannot shut the doors, as if someone is pushing from the inside. The cupboard also unlocks itself, and the doors open by themselves.

Read more: http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Nightmare-Winner-Street/story-27958324-detail/story.html#ixzz49LOPxoJa